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Silk Printing with new machines

The first of two new silk printing machines were put into operation a few days ago. On these machines mainly short parts...

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New cooling system for anodizing

A new cooling machine was installed a few day ago operating with a coolant more friendly to environment.

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Stainless steel finish on aluminium

By using a systematic application on the pre-treatment of various surfaces, albea can give aluminium surfaces a stainless steel finish.

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Improved water quality for anodizing

For the anodizing lines No.2 and No.3 new demi-water systems were installed recently, one for each line.

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SURTEC 650 is replacing yellow chromating

For decades the yellow and green chromate was a reliable corrosion protection for aluminium surfaces, mainly as pretreatment for powder or liquid...

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Extrusion Foiling

Not only sheets, but also extrusions can be protected with foil at albea.

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