The efficient treatment of aluminium is the core competence of ALBEA. Over several decades we have built up a variety of production capacities. The wishes of our clients are focused on appearance and surface feel. Therefore we are committed to the visual appearance and the tangibility of our products. Consequently our priorities are listening, understanding and converting our customers requirements. You can  use our know-how as a subcontractor or we can produce  a complete component according to your drawings. You will see the difference! Even more important: You will feel it!

The history of our company

We are too young for traditions. But we have an origin, which promises us a future.

Renovation and automation of our third anodising- line. Thereby expansion of the daily capacity up to 12000 sq. m.
Expansion of the stock capacity by 800 sq.m. with a new warehouse for raw and manufactured goods.
A second automated line for zinc phosphate coating, chromate coating, anodising and electrolytic gloss extends the product range.
1998 - 2002
An area of 4000 sq.m. is gained by outsourcing the stock and the mechanical production in new buildings. The departments of raw materials stock, sawing, punching and milling- treatments are placed there.
Modernizing of the powder-coating- line by using an automatic pre- treatment and conveyer-line. The production capacity increases by 50%.
Legal and organisational separation of the mechanical production ALBEA aluminium treatment Ltd.) and of the subcontracting production (ALBEA surface techniques Ltd.) in Schuttern By starting the first automatically subcontracting anodising line the anodising capacity is doubled. The next- production hall is built.
Werner Heitzelmann takes over the shares and the company management in Schuttern. Jürgen Vieser takes over the company management in Seelbach.
The second production hall is built and a powder coating line for aluminium and steel is put into operation. ALBEA takes over the insolvent company Börre Börressen and its 150 employees in the Seelbach/Baden. Now, the new company is called: ALBEA industrial plates and treatment techniques Ltd. . Both production sites, Schuttern and Seelbach employ 300 workers.
Meanwhile the name ALCO was changed into the company name ALBEA aluminium treatment. The first mechanical production unit is put into operation in the first new hall.
Werner Heitzelmann and Jürgen Vieser set up the company ALCO as partners of the firm and put a new anodising line into operation.