Visit us in Düsseldorf in hall 9, booth G11 und learn more about our wide range of different extrusion treatments. We show you all possible decorative anodizing surfaces and present our huge variety of mechanical and surface pretreatment, as well as our new printing technologies. See you in Düsseldorf!

This week the last two CNC-machines were installed, in summary 3 this year. These machines are replacing older ones  and are offering improvements regarding speed in tool change and axis speed.

Since September 2017 ALBEA is applying only Chrom6-free processes. For parts up to length of 3000 mm a dipping bath is installed with a passivation containing Chrom3 (SURTEC 650), which is according RoHS- and REACH-regulations, mainly for parts which are used in electronic components. In addition this treatment can also be used before a powder or liquid coating. For more than...

To increase the possible maximum workload, the conveyor system of the powder coating line was extended the last days by an additional de-racking station. It is now possible, to wrap and pack the aluminium parts on two instead of one station, especially to overcome peak periods.

[Translate to Englisch:] Produktivitätsverbesserung in der Pulverbeschichtung

With the installation of a new Laser-Printing-System, ALBEA has enlarged its variety for the surface treatment of aluminium. With this machine letters and logos can be applied on anodized surfaces. This kind of printing is highly resistant to abrasion and of high constant quality and contour sharpness. Beside Silk-Printing and Pad-Printing ALBEA can now offer a third print...

Printing with Laser Technology

After having installed new extraction systems in anodizing lines No. 1 and 2 the last years, this improvement has now also been placed in line 3. The air above the etching and anodizing installations is cleaned before entering the atmosphere outside the building. Compared with the old extractions, these new systems are more effective and easier to maintain.

For the anodizing lines No.2 and No.3 new demi-water systems were installed within the last months, one for each line. As a result the quality of the rinsing water between the anodizing and the sealing step has improved. This gives more stability to the process.

Improved water quality for anodizing

After completion of building extension beside powder coating department and mechanical treatment (see picture) last year, the new building for storaging packaging materials is growing these days and will be finished soon. In 2018 anodizing plant No.3 will have new offices and new locker and break rooms.

Building extensions in progress

By using a systematic application on the pre-treatment of various surfaces, Albea can give aluminium surfaces a stainless steel finish. This can be done as far as possible without objectionable fingerprints. This effect can be produced with or without a brushed structure.           

15 to 18 November 2016, trade fair centre Basel, Hall 1.1, booth C50
The Swisstech is opening its doors at the trade fair centre in Basel from 15 to 18 November 2016. The Swisstech is the biggest suppliers` trade fair purely for mechanical/ technical components and system solutions between Frankfurt and Milan. The Swiss and European trade fair exhibitors...

29. Nov - 1 Dec 2016 Fairground Düsseldorf, hall 12, booth G08 This is undoubtedly the top event in the international aluminum branch. 
From 29. Nov to 1 Dec 2016, the new structured and ever-growing ALUMINUM WORLD FAIR shows the full process chain from primary production through surface treatment (hall 12). Visit us at our booth G08, fairground...

With the first delivery of a plastic component (POM-C) ALBEA extended its production program. An aluminum customer ordered these parts for which ALBEA has productive CNC-machines. We would be pleased if we could offer our new possibilities to you.

The international trade fair for surface treatments and coatings. 31.05.– 02.06.2016 State Trade Fair Stuttgart, exhibition hall 9, booth A74At the upcoming supply fair O&S in Stuttgart from 31.05. to 02.06.2016, we will exhibit in Hall 9, Stand A74 in an attractive ambience. While attending the fair, we will be glad to inform you about our processing, the latest finishing...

Shortly before christmas a new CNC machine was installed. Brother SPEEDIO S1000X is fixing new limits regarding tool changing (0,8 sec.) and Highspeed-CNC-Machining. With 15 CNC-Machines ALBEA is milling, drilling and threading decorative parts as well as heatsinks and other extrusion parts. Additional surface treatment (grinding, blasting, polishing), anodizing and printing,...

At the upcoming supply fair ZOW in Bad Salzuflen from 16 to 19 February 2016, we will exhibit in Hall 20, Stand D10 in an attractive ambience. While attending the fair, we...

When powder coated parts are located in areas with high salt concentration in the air, the risk of filiform corrosion is increasing.  Pre-Anodisation is reducing this risk substantially. Swimming halls or buildings in costal areas are concerned, as well as parts with contact to road salt or industry exhaust emissions. Please don´t hesitate to contact us about the...

From September 2017 on it is not allowed any more to use Chromium-VI-chemicals in production. At this time ALBEA will remove its treatment for Chromin-VI. For this reason we use Chromium-III-SURTEC 650 as an alternative for excellent corrosion resistance and electrical conductivity for electronic parts. Yellowing chromating is already out of our production for more than one...

Alternative to Chromium-VI

A few days ago the brandnew ELUMATEC-machining center SBZ 151 was installed. Aluminium extrusions up to a length of 7000 mm can be machined and divided by sawing with one single fixation of the bar, and also with treatment of the front-/end walls of the extrusion. With more than a dozen machines, ALBEA can cover maximum x-coordinates from 700 to 7000 mm, for short parts and...


On an area of 2000 sqm the extension of our mechanical aluminium treatment and of the logistic department will be realized, mainly for the expansion of the departments “SAWING” and “TOOLS”. But also “MAINTENANCE & SERVICE” will find a new room for building up bulky parts, e.g. anodizing cathodes. For improving the logistic of outgoing material another 800 sqm can be used...

With 3 anodizing lines ALBEA can offer a big variety of different surface treatments. Beside the standard anodizing process there are installations for brightning, colouring, hard anodizing, grinding, polishing and blasting. Currently line No. 1 is extended by a fifth crane and an additional racking station to increase the line´s utilization.

[Translate to Englisch:] Erweiterung der Eloxal-Linie

After a 12 month preparation period and shortly before the year 2014 ends ALBEA added successfully the systems ISO 14001 for Environment and ISO 50001 for Energy to its integrated management system on the basis of ISO 9001 for Quality Assurance.

[Translate to Englisch:]  ISO 14001 und ISO 50001

Specially for this great day a birthday journal with impressions and interviews was printed. Please click to see the journal or enjoy the pictures of the factory walk and the

[Translate to Englisch:] Festschrift 2014

During the anniversary celebration “40 years of ALBEA”  the new Product-Show-Room was presented to the employees and the guests. The exposed  parts show ALBEA´s big production variety, which was growing over the last four decades and demonstrate ALBEA´s leading position in manufacturing decorative extruded aluminium parts.


On last saturday in Oktober, ALBEA was celebrating its 40th anniversary together with business partner from France, Austria and Switzerland. After visiting the company in the morning, diner-show started in the evening hosted by the famous EUROPA-PARK. Parts of the program were ventriloquist Tobias Gnacke und THE MAGIC MAN Willi Auerbach. Please 

For decades the yellow chromate was a reliable corrosion protection for aluminium surfaces, mainly as pretreatment for powder or liquid coating. As Chrom6 will be banned from production within the next years, ALBEA decided to replace yellow chromate against the well known system SURTEC 650, which has similar properties regarding corrosion protection. Furthermore ALBEA is...

In the next days, one of the two block heat and power plants will be switched from oil supply to gas supply. So that this can happen, a 12 cylinder Jenbacher gas engine, the centrepiece of the plant, has been delivered. Thereby the energy supply in ALBEA will be even more productive and environmentally friendly. For over 20 years, this resource saving method has been in...

The possibilities for surface treatment have been expanded with this new machine.  Aluminium profiles up to a length of 7 meters can now be grinded,  brushed or polished. With the help of the system control, processing is performed without human intervention and thus corresponds to a very constant quality.

After 9 months of construction, the second powder coating production facility is put into operation on a 1.400 sq. m surface area.
About 80 % of the existing devices were replaced during this construction campaign. Profiles up to 7.50 m will be conveyed by an automatic “Power & Free-System“. The pre-treatment cleans the aluminum parts in 8 steps and protects them from...

26th – 28th of February 2013
Fairground Stuttgart,
hall 1, booth B40

SÜDTEC, Supply Fair, which takes place in Stuttgart from 26th to 28th February 2013, has been important for marketing our company over the past years. This trade fair has already taken place for the fifth time. At this fair, we will present our competencies and...

This project arose from a collaboration with Philipp Grundhöfer as part of his Master Project in Product Design at the prestigious ECAL/University of art and design in Lausanne.

He was inspired by the storage racks where factories usually store the raw, 6m long aluminum profiles for the subsequent treatment. The aim was to use only available profiles and take...

09th – 11th of October2012
Fairground Düsseldorf, hall 13, booth I37 This is undoubtedly the top event in the international aluminum branch. 
From 9th to 11th October 2012, the new structured and ever-growing   ALUMINUM WORLD FAIR shows the full processchain from primary production through surface treatment (hall 13), unimaginable without...

The international trade fair for surface treatments and coatings

12.06.2012 – 14.06.2012
state trade fair Stuttgart, exhibition hall 7, booth B26

albea exhibits at the international trade fair for surfaces and coatings, called  O & S.

This trade fair takes place only every two years, so don´t miss the chance of going there. We...

albea at the O & S

Next year our powder coating department will be transferred to another location. A 1.400 square meter building with an ideal ceiling height is available which offers ideal preconditions for this powder coating department. The building will be prepared in the next months. About 80 % of the installations and devices will be renewed with this change of location. As before, the...

After 12 months of construction time, the new storage facility for aluminium extrusions is ready for use in October 2011. System planer is the Company “Kasto“. With a total capacity of 964 pallets for aluminium extrusion, all the profiles for our mechanical production, as well as the profiles stored for our customers can be managed by a fully automated drive and control...

As well as the Yellow Chromate containing ChromeVI, Albea offers the RoHS conform process of light green chromate and colourless chromate. All three surface variations are produced in an automatic production line, which as well as profile bars up to a length of 3000mm, also metal sheets or small parts can be treated efficiently.

The 15th International Swiss trade fair for suppliers
16 to 19 November, trade fair centre Basel, Hall 2.0, booth M38

The Swisstech is opening its doors at the trade fair centre in Basel from 16 to 19 November 2010. The Swisstech is the biggest suppliers` trade fair purely for mechanical/ technical components and system solutions between Frankfurt and Milan....

albea  at the ALUMIUM in Essen
for the fourth time
14th – 16th  of September 2010
Trade fair Essen, hall 4 , booth B32

Aluminum manufacturers, processors, suppliers of technology and equipment for aluminum production, processing and finishing, as well as decision-makers from the aluminum application segments will meet at the ALUMINIUM WORLD...

The international trade fair for surface treatments and coatings
08.06.2010 – 10.06.2010
state trade fair Stuttgart, exhibition hall 3, booth C58

albea exhibits at the international trade fair for surfaces and coatings,
called  O & S.

This trade fair takes place only every two years, so don´t miss the chance of going there.

In der Veredelung von Aluminium ist das Eloxieren ein wichtiger Prozess. Um eine hohe Oberflächenqualität zu erreichen, ist Kühlung erforderlich. Seit November 2008 nutzt ALBEA die dabei entstehende Abwärme zur Entlastung des firmeneigenen Blockheizkraftwerks. Durch den Einsatz einer einzigen Großwärmepumpe aus dem Hause Ochsner spart das Unternehmen jährlich 73.000 Liter...

Besides plane sheet metal parts, also aluminium profiles or related bended parts now can be foiled in a throughput machine.
This new semiautomatic system allows an economical foiling of two opposite surfaces in only one run. 
to Assemblies

Investments in environmental technology are important cornerstones for ALBEA in a constant strategy of rationalisation, in the same level of importance as investments in the production line.
Neutralisation as an important part of the wastewater treatment has been modernised with this project.
This new computerised system neutralises acid and alkaline wastewaters,...

After a construction time of 7 months, the extension of the production building for the third anodising line has been finished.
Now all the requirements have been met to utilise the productivity of the line after its completed automation.
Furthermore, staff facilities for 80 workers and a break room for the staff have been installed.

Albea was very satisfied with the progress at the Aluminium 2008 which took place in Essen from 23 to 25 September.

There was an increase of 27% in the number of exhibitors, an extension of exhibiting space of over 15% and 10% more visitors the Aluminium Fair increased  for the seventh time in succession with two digit growth rates and therefore counts...

23. - 25. September 2008 Fair Essen, Halle 4, Stand.-Nr.: 4B01

The Aluminium 2008 is the world´s biggest platform for the aluminium industry and its areas of application. The Fair reflects the complete added value chain of the basic material: from the production, subsequent treatment, finish technologies up to the completed goods for the main areas of application such as transport and automation, building and construction, mechanical...